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Hello, darlinglest Crossovering writer! Honestly, you can consider all the fandoms to just be in this massive happy pool of fandomness, so I'm just going to write some general notes on various crossovers I'd love to see.

Request 1: X-Men (Movieverse), Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies), Firefly, X-Files
Request 2: X-Men (Movieverse), Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies), Firefly, Cabin in the Woods
Request 3: X-Men (Movieverse), Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies), Cabin in the Woods, X-Files

General Fandom Notes:

X-Men: I'm a massive Cherik shipper, and I would love to see the adventures of the FC/DofP crew in various situations. (Not so much into the original trilogy, sorry folks. Although I wouldn't say no to the younger versions of Scott/Jean/Ororo and/or Kitty!) Fusions and crossovers both work really well for me when it comes to X-Men. Feel free to use either the FC characterizations (happy!Charles, just-slightly-grumpy!Erik) or the DofP one (super bitter Charles, dumb-as-a-rock-and-show-offy Erik (for srs you are pretty but damn that was a dumb plan, wtf.)).

MCU: Crossovers! Not going to lie, Natasha's my favorite character, so if you're doing anything other than X-Men/MCU, please include her in the fic somehow. (You can also do it for X-Men/MCU, although in that case my jam is generally more Tony & Charles). I haven't watched Agents of Shield, so my canon is drawn primarily from the films. Not so much Thor, though, I found those a bit boring.

Firefly: I am forever bitter on how Firefly was canceled prematurely (along with the crap treatment it got from the network, grrrr), so I'd love to see the crew working with other characters regarding the Blue Sun conspiracy or even just general slice-of-life. The Firefly!verse is also ripe for fusion potential; you can swap in characters from various other canons to make it work.

Cabin in the Woods: See specific crossover notes. I like this primarily for fusion potential.

X-Files: Scully and Mulder against the world, trying to unravel the crazed mutant/superhero/Blue Sun conspiracies! (There are a lot of conspiracies out there, now that I'm noticing that). You can swap their backstories around to better fit different canons; I'm not too much of a stickler for accuracy.

Specific Crossovers:

X-Men/Firefly: Mutants IN SPACE! So many possible scenarios: Erik, Charles, and Raven are the crew of a Firefly, and they have to team up with the Firefly crew for an unconventional job. Erik is a bitter war veteran, Raven is his second-in-command, and Charles is an Alliance officer who finds that his latest mission is more than he bargained for when he rediscovers his estranged sister. Raven and/or Charles were River's fellow students at the Academy and were just as damaged as she was (Reader, anyone?). Charles is a poncy society doctor who falls in love with a Companion (Erik), only to discover that Erik isn't exactly who he seems. (You can switch the roles around if you'd druther.) Charles was one of Simon's fellow doctors and stumbles across his old friend under dire cirumstances. Mal and Erik duel each other for whatever reason while everyone else facepalms epically (probably because Mal insulted one of Erik's Genius Tactician (TM) plans). Feel free to have powers or not and to throw in various members of both canons; I'm equally happy either way.

X-Men/MCU: Inspired sorta by The Avengers can team up with the X-Men or fight them, I'm honestly not picky. It doesn't have to be team!fic, either, I'd love to see character pieces such as where Raven and Black Widow discuss the meaning of identity and family, or Erik finds himself irritably impressed by Steve's straight-as-an-arrow morality. I am also ridiculously fond of AUs where Tony and Charles are bestest science buddies forever and Erik is the irritable engineer (student) next door.

X-Men/X-Files: Instead of UFOs, let's make the big conspiracy mutants instead! Mulder thinks that his sister was a mutant and might have been taken away because of SUPER SECRET reasons. Bonus points if Scully is actually a mutant and is rather hesitant to introduce an overeager Mulder to her mentor, Charles Xavier.

Any/Cabin in the Woods: Not going to lie, what interests me most is not so much the characters of the movie as the whole "yearly demon god sacrifice" bit. So feel free to take a fandom, fiddle with the characters/setting, and plop them into the EVIL ABOMINATION DEATH MATCH! of your choice. Seriously: pick a fandom, pick a monster, and let them all run free. Angst, crack, plot!fic--it's all good!

MCU/Firefly: Feel free to do this either as a fusion or a crossover. Maybe have the Avengers as the crew of a Firefly (Steve's the captain, of course, Tony's the mechanic, Natasha rescued Clint from the Academy?). Or you can do a crossover: Steve is a relic from Earth-that-Was that finally awakens! The Cap 2 crew (Falcon, Black Widow, Cap) flee on a Firefly during the whole Hydra conspiracy (probably have to do some universe fudging to make this work). One request: please have Natasha feature prominently in some way.

X-Files/Firefly: Scully and Mulder are the latest passengers picked up by the Firefly rew, and Mulder is coincidentally enough also searching for his lost sister! Maybe Mulder has information on the Blue Sun conspiracy? Scully is a former agent who defected because of Reasons? Mulder finds the most unlikely of help from the Firefly folks.

X-Files/MCU: Natasha and Scully at a bar talking about their lives and just how insane they are. If you could make Natasha and Scully have some sort of long-running friendship, that would even better (maybe Scully is also a SHIELD agent?). Or during the events of Cap 2, Cap and Natasha go to Scully for help for various reason. idk, go wild, just have these two women together, please.

General notes: I'm not a fan of smut. Porn honestly kind of bores me more than anything else; I like character moments and dialogue. Plot/case!fic is lovely, but I would be just as happy if the fic started off in a strange, wild situation and the characters just have to bond or else they all get smushed by aliens/eaten by death monsters/bleed to death from their eyes. Cheers!
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