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Just wanted to throw this out there: The lovely [ profile] sly_hostetter and[ profile] podfic_lover podficced "It's Only the End of the World (Again)" for the Amplificathon challenge! You can listen to it here! *squishhugs* It's freaking AWESOME, guise. *hearts*

p.s. I am totally working on my wips. seriously. *hangs head in shame*

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 Title: It's Only the End of the World (Again)
Author: [ profile] daymarket 
Pairings: House/Wilson friendship, Crowley/Aziraphale
Rating: Teen
Length: 29k words ish.
Spoilers: Set between 6x10 "Wilson" and 6x11 "The Down Low."
Warnings: Cheery blasphemy and general mauling of the Book of Revelation. Also, swearing.
Notes: House Big Bang '10! Crossover with Good Omens
Beta: Love, kisses, and general adoration upon the almighty [ profile] hwshipper ! *glomps*

ALSO: arrrrrrt! *skipdance*

by [info]grelse


by [info]tuckp3

Yay! Anyway, you can read the fic here @ AO3 or here @ the Pit. Whatever floats your ducks. :) Enjoy!
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Title: The Upside to Insomnia
Author: daymarket
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Pairing: House/Wilson
Summary: House can't sleep. Fluff ensues.

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Written for [info]karaokegal’s come as you’re not Halloween party! :D As I am definitely –not- a Huddy shipper, what better disguise could I don? At any rate, this will be the only piece of Huddy that I will –ever- write. So enjoy while you can!

Title: Misunderstanding

Author: daymarket

Rating: PG? PG-13? Something light, anyway.

Warnings: NONE. YAY.

Summary: Despite all the years and history between them, they still misunderstand each other. An alternate explanation for why House chose to try the methadone. Huddy.


1) Set between “Unfaithful” and “The Softer Side.” In case you forgot, “Unfaithful” is the Simchat Bat episode and “The Softer Side” is the one where House decides to try methadone as pain relief instead of Vicodin. House/Cuddy conversation. What they say is in quotes, what they really mean is in italics.

2) The format of this is modeled after [info]californiaquail's beautiful fic Subtext (similar to this, but instead a conversation between House/Wilson). If you haven’t read that I highly recommend you do, mostly because one of the best HW fics I’ve ever read. :) Subtext is friendship/gen unless you have slash goggles (which fortunately I do, but you can’t borrow them. NYAH! XD).





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...also known as my wilson_fest prompt on lj. Also ALSO known as my first, ever. XD

Title: The Meaning of Life
Author: daymarket
Prompt: #175 AU: Wilson is a guardian angel and his assignment is a miserable doctor named Gregory House.
Rating: T
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House/wILSON
Warnings: Er...none?
Disclaimer: Don't own. Etc.
Summary: Being angelic and being human are two entirely different things.
Notes: Er. I think the original prompt was kind of cracky, really, but that's not how it turned out. Er. Yeah. And the format is weird, but I don't have time to fix it at the moment. And if anyone can teach me how to do an LJ cut, I will love you eternally.
Wordcount: ~5000 or so.
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