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Hi there, Secret Mutant writer! Here are some more detailed notes on prompts and all that goodness.

General Notes:
I ship Charles/Erik (along with probably 90% of the fandom, heh) with a burning passion, but I tend to like it to be laced with more bitterness/cynicism on Charles' part if it takes place in a DofP-ish timeline. Charles kicking ass and taking names is awesome. I have a definite weakness for AUs/fusions/crossovers.

Prompt 1: Firefly/X-Men crossover

Ideas! Taken from my Crossovering letter, but a lot of the same general principles still apply. Crossovers are good, fusions are better, and

1) Erik, Charles, and Raven are the crew of a Firefly, and they have to team up with the Firefly crew for an unconventional job.
2) Erik is a bitter war veteran, Raven is his second-in-command, and Charles is an Alliance officer who finds that his latest mission is more than he bargained for when he rediscovers his estranged sister.
3) Raven and/or Charles were River's fellow students at the Academy and were just as damaged as she was (Reader, anyone?).
4) Charles is a poncy society doctor who falls in love with a Companion (Erik), only to discover that Erik isn't exactly who he seems.
5) Charles was one of Simon's fellow doctors and stumbles across his old friend under dire cirumstances.
6) Mal and Erik duel each other for whatever reason while everyone else facepalms epically (probably because Mal insulted one of Erik's Genius Tactician (TM) plans).
...etc. Basically, feel free to mix and match the two canons however you see fit. It's all good!

Prompt 2: Post White House

Basically, I'd like to see what happens after Erik does his dramatic NYOOOOOOOM out of there. I mean, the president and everybody else is standing there, and to their eyes, the story must seem so weird: a guy in a cape levitates a stadium, tries to kill them, and then there's these robots, this blue lady with a gun who stands there and shouts random things at thin air, and then there's a guy who looks like a hobo coming in out of nowhere...yeah, it's gotta be weird. I tagged this with outsider POV back on AO3, but it can come from either Charles/Hank's POV as well. I'd just like to see what exactly C & H do after the kerfuffle is over and how they extricate themselves from that mess. Can be serious or crack.

Prompt 3: While Waiting

See what I said in the prompt, plus an interesting point to explore would be how old!Charles perceives young!Charles (or the other way around also works too). How do the two Charleses regard each other in more than what they spoke out loud? I subscribe to the "telepathy says hella more than words ever could" camp, and I feel that the spoken conversation just barely scratched the actual conversation.

Prompt 4: What if?

See prompt for details. It's a shame that the old!characters actually replace their younger counterparts instead of being able to meet them when they do the time shifty thingy, but it'd still be fun to see how old!Charles busts young!Erik out in approximately ten seconds from long-distance or how old!Erik tries to explain his future actions to young!Charles. Or you know, whatever. Go nuts! I also wouldn't object if you sent Kitty back in time (substitute plot reason here) and had her try to mediate between her mentor and his nemesis/future husband/whatever.


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